Aboout NanoBond Company

The NanoBond Company is a producer of various types of aluminum composite sheets with standard dimensions, opaque colors, nanostructured, and patterned like wood, stone, mirror, and various brush patterns.

The standard dimensions are 125 cm × 320 cm and each sheet would have an area of about 4°m2. Of course, exclusive orders are also available. In fact, the width of the sheets would be 125 cm fixed, but desired lengths are feasible. However, the area of the exclusive order should be at least 500 m2.

Nanobond Products


The P.V.D.F color group includes about 30 colors and the nano colors group that include 25 colors are the opaque P.V.D.F colors and are bestsellers. In addition, the nano group that is shiny and has a diadem is classified with the name of glass. The glass-colored sheets are self-cleaning sheets and less dust would lie on them because their surfaces are shiny and the dust would detach from them with the slightest wind or rain. The third group is the patterned group that is produced in various patterns. For example, various stone patterns like the Travertine stone pattern that is a bestseller, various bright and dark wooden patterns, mirror patterns like silver, golden, blue, and copper color mirror patterns, and various brush patterns like golden and silver brushes could be mentioned. It should be noted that the mirror patterns should be used inside the building and it shouldn’t be exposed to the sun because the direct sunlight might cause some damages to the pattern.

The Sheets Guarantee

The exterior coating of the building; made of NanoBond sheets; has a 15 years guarantee and the interior coating of the building; made of NanoBond sheets; has a 20 years guarantee


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