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The NanoBond Company is a producer of various types of aluminum composite sheets with standard dimensions, opaque colors, nanostructured, and patterned like wood, stone, mirror, and various brush patterns. The standard dimensions are 125 cm × 320 cm and each sheet would have an area of about 4°m2. Of course, exclusive orders are also available. In fact, the width of the sheets would be 125 cm fixed, but desired lengths are feasible. However, the area of the exclusive order should be at least 500 m2.

About us

The NanoBond Company has started its activity in 2012

The NanoBond Company has started its activity in 2012 . At first, we imported the NanoBond aluminum composite sheets from UAE, i.e. Sharjah, and under the license of the USA. All the aluminum composite coils would have produced with the brand of NanoBond in China and would be exported to UAE and then imported to Iran as waged work. After a while, we decided to import our orders directly from China and become independent from transfer the coils to UAE, reproduce, and then import them to Iran. Therefore, we decided to import the produced sheets from China and this went on for several years.

In 2016, we imported the aluminum composite sheet production line from China and the NanoBond sheet production started in Iran. Of course, we still import the coils of the sheets from the number one companies of China.

Until now, we have exported our products to countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Azerbaijan (Baku), Turkey, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, and Armenia.


The P.V.D.F color group includes about 30 colors and the nano colors group that include 25 colors are the opaque P.V.D.F colors and are bestsellers. In addition, the nano group that is shiny and has a diadem is classified with the name of glass. The glass-colored sheets are self-cleaning sheets and less dust would lie on them because their surfaces are shiny and the dust would detach from them with the slightest wind or rain. The third group is the patterned group that is produced in various patterns. For example, various stone patterns like the Travertine stone pattern that is a bestseller, various bright and dark wooden patterns, mirror patterns like silver, golden, blue, and copper color mirror patterns, and various brush patterns like golden and silver brushes could be mentioned. It should be noted that the mirror patterns should be used inside the building and it shouldn’t be exposed to the sun because the direct sunlight might cause some damages to the pattern.

Recognition of the aluminum composite

The lightweight is the first advantage of the aluminum composite sheets and significantly reduces the costs of the building. It also has great importance for responding against earthquakes and it could be said that aluminum composite sheets are 10 times lighter than bricks and concrete. Despite the lightweight, the aluminum composite sheets have high strength and can damp various kinds of loads and impacts, and have good resistance against them. One of the advantages of aluminum is its resistance against corrosion and moisture that significantly decreases the repair and maintenance costs and also is healthier because it does not rod and minimizes the fear of microbial accumulation. Besides, the composites show significant resistance in open spaces, chemical applications, and other environmental and temperature conditions. One of the positive specifications of aluminum composite sheets is its high formability and diverse flexibility in different directions that result in their molding with low costs and types of equipment that gives the designers discretion for investing complex shapes.


All Certificates

The Sheets Application

The application of the sheets includes replacing the old and new facing of the building, windows frames, facades of the stores, frames and doors of the houses, columns, exhibition booths and stands, roofs and portioning, the facades of airports, tunnels, bridges, metro stations, etc.

The gas stations are among the most notable urban and intercity spaces and proper criteria and infrastructures should be considered for them. These kinds of busy places are usually located at the city entrance and exit areas and also in city centers so proper access to these locations would be possible from anywhere in the city. One of the important issues during designing gas stations is the consideration of proper entrance and exit of the vehicles and also the waiting route for the vehicles to reach the main station. This should be in such a way that the traffic of the main route of the street wouldn't be jammed and the traffic wouldn’t be disturbed. Apart from these issues, considering the main concept is of great importance and this kind of important place should be presented with innovative appearance.

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